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Our Purpose

This web site describes WHAT we do. This paragraph describes WHY we do it. We DEEPLY believe in the power of the behavioral sciences. Our PURPOSE is simple. We show clients the psychological, social psychological and sociological forces that shape their lives so that they may live their lives more consciously. This takes the form of leadership instruction, team building, strategic planning, personal coaching and executive retreats. ALL help you to at least UNDERSTAND what is occurring in your life, in some instances to PREDICT what will happen next, and in yet some instances to INFLUENCE the outcomes.

"The most astounding time of my life! If you dare to live your life this course is essential."
Ron Gracilla, Executive Vice President, Greenville Metal Litho

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    ONE: THE ARENAS: There are three distinct “arenas” in which I can develop my leadership skills: Individual Leadership, Team Leadership, and Organization Leadership. Each arena presents a distinct leadership challenge and so requires a distinct set of leadership skills and tools. TWO: INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP: If I were to become your new supervisor you would allow me to manage you right away because management is a role.

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