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The Essential Self Seminar and the book that captures the seminar material contains the content of a five –day executive retreat that we conducted for ten years. After 20 years consulting across all industries we found that there were many very successful, well-educated people whose fire had gone out of the belly. They were just going through the numbers. So after two years of research which led us to the literature on peak performers we launched this seminar series and after ten years were invited to publish the book which captures the content of the seminar.

We ask three very simple and very personal questions which may take you a lifetime to answer:

What are your talents? (not your abilities)
What are your values? (not your parents’)
What brings you joy? (not pleasure)

When you have the courage  to answer these questions honestly, you will have found your Essential Self and will blow the doors off whatever activity the answers to these three questions describes: even if you only do it on weekends.


Your Essential Self
  • Follow your enthusiasms.
  • Make maximum use of your talents.
  • Do what you were meant to be doing.
  • Balance priorities among work, family and self.
  • Integrate passion, life’s work, self and loved ones.
  • Balance the internal demands of body, mind and spirit.
  • Place your time and energy into what is truly important.
  • Be truly honest with yourself about what is really important.
  • Establish a vision for your work, your relationships, your life.

The book reflects the content of Our Essential Self Seminar and may be ordered through Amazon and other websites or from Looram & Associates at an author's discount.

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If you are looking for answers ...we have the questions......three of them, in fact.....

What brings you Joy?
What are your talents?
What is important to you?

When you have found a focus in your life that brings you joy (not necessarily pleasure) draws on your innate talents (not necessarily your abilities), and is important to you, given your values (not necessarily your parents' values) then you have found your answer. This is your Destiny, your Mission, your Purpose, your Calling. It is the unique and honest expression of your essential self. You have found your point of balance. You have found the sweet spot in life.


  • Make maximum use of your talents.
  • Do what you were meant to be doing.
  • Balance priorities among work, family and self.
  • Integrate passion, life's work, self and loved ones.
  • Balance the internal demands of body, mind and spirit.
  • Place your time and energy into what is truly important.
  • Be truly honest with yourself about what is really important.
  • Establish a vision for your work - your relationships - your life.

Those who have found a path with a heart have achieved the outcomes listed above. They have truly aligned their enthusiasm with their energy. Many of us have become a bit misaligned. We have lost our sense of purpose and enthusiasm. We have been assisting others like you in finding their own unique Path with a Heart for more than ten years.


This is a one day in-house seminar. Finding a path with a heart focuses your energies on what truly excites and enthuses you. Discover the activities in which you readily lose yourself; the activities which bring you joy and which you consider to be truly meaningful, given your particular values. These activities may involve a particular aspect of your work such as developing market plans or building teams or mentoring others. It may involve non work activities such as coaching little league teams, or being a community leader, or developing a relationship with a daughter. It may well be an avocation that truly captures your enthusiasms such as golf, or gardening or any number of other hobbies. Whatever the activity, the key is to follow your true enthusiasms. When you align your energy with your essence magic happens.

The first and only challenge then to is to find out what truly brings you joy - not what should bring you joy. Without a commitment that truly comes from our souls - our inner knowingness - none of us are likely to focus ourselves with the sustained intensity required for both peak performance and fullfilment.

This clarity of focus on what is truly important brings great energy to bear on all the other aspects of our life. The manager who focuses time on truly developing a relationship with a daughter finds that it then becomes easy to focus on work demands because there is no longer the distraction of an unhealthy relationship at home. Conversely the manager who finds the appropriate niche at


Originally sponsored by the Ford Foundation, this half day in-house workshop is a compilation of the principal concepts taught in our week long public seminar conducted by our faculty for the past ten years in California and Florida. Organizations such as Sprint, Amway, MCI, and Xerox have been sending managers to this seminar on a continual basis. Eighty percent of our attendees come from participant referrals.

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"This is the first seminar in 17 years that made a difference in my life. It was powerful, dynamic, deep and unforgettable."
Bob Ford Ph.D., Professor, University of Puget Sound

"This week helps you to identify your true mision in life and to develop the courage to go for it! You have an outstanding program. The student was ready and the teachers appeared! Thanks!"
George W. Brown, Jr., Senior Instructor, Union Pacific Railroad

" I had the opportunity to step back from the everyday chaos and take inventory of who/what/where I am and where I can go. You are definitely on the right track. This groundswell of peak performers will rise up and really make this world a great place to live. Keep it up!"
Stephen Dow, Director of Sales, Force Computers, Inc.

"Everyone that I know could benefit from this seminar. Your Thursday evening surprise was a loving gift to complete the circle of giving and receiving."
Dick Du Plain, Director of Manufacturing, Sage Products, Inc.

"This was tremendous: a chance to examine your life and improve it's quality. It is an experience that includes love, friendship, laughter, tears, and sweat. My batteries are recharged. I have taken a small step on the journey toward mastery. It is a journey that will last the rest of my life."
Gary Harmon, Vice President of Marketing, United Ad Label Company, Inc.

"This program is exhilarating, difficult and rewarding. It was tremendously helpful in focusing my life and is the best training I have had in 25 years of professional growth."
Donald Hieb, Manager, US West Marketing Resources

"This week is one of the top 'personal growth' experiences of my life. I'm excited - ready to rock 'n roll. I am ready to use the concepts. I feel more in control and ready to champion change."
Vito Mulé, Vice President, Hayward Lumber Co.

"This course is a powerful personal experience: a class act. This one is a winner. It will keep my stress level down at work. "
Jack Pruitte, Manager of Manufacturing, Coppus Engineering Corporation

"This experience was very personal, very reassuring, very warm. For me it was very necessary and timely. The lectures were extremely interesting. I wanted more."
Bobby Odom, Senior Instructor, Union Pacific Railroad

"This was a joyful experience. It reaffirmed who I am and where I am going.The small group exercises were fantastic."
Steve Russell, President, Cloverdale Foods Company

"This course allowed me to improve every aspect of my life. It has reorganized my priorities at work. Your values exercise is absolutely dynamite - one of the best I have ever seen."
Julie Sprint, Senior Vice President, Ellerbe Becket

"The seminar awakens the warrior in all of us and sharpens the sword to fight the dragon from within so that we can master our day to day existence as well as our long term goals in life."
Robert A. Wild, Senior Instructor, Union Pacific Railroad

"This seminar has firmly started me on a path I've been trying to get on for some time."
David Trebilcock, Manager, Ontario Hydro

"The instructional team performed at an exceptional level. It is clear that each of you adds a specific dimension to making this week a positive experience for me."
Paul Childs, Director, Detroit Edison

" This is a beautifully structured invitation to introspection, realignment and refinement. A truly energizing encounter with myself."
Jeannette Richards, Attorney

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